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No need to leave Oslo for skiing. Just visit the city during winter and see the Norwegians move around the capital in ... skis. Although this common, the Norwegian capital has an excellent snow park for sports. Alternatively, you can travel to the region of Alta.

If you visit the city in summer, there is sun for more than 19 hours per day and temperatures can range from 11 to 22 degrees. In winter, the thermometer ranges from seven to two negative degrees. If your passion is the snow, visit the city between November and March. Oslo is surrounded by forests, lakes and islands filled with magnificent sceneries. On the outskirts you breathe a rural atmosphere, partly due to the woods and land trails used by residents for walking and for skiing, something that is also common to see the city. Also usual, is to see the Norwegian move around with their equipment on the public transports to Holmenkollen and then start skiing. 20 minutes from downtown, in the region of Nordmarka you’ll find more than 2,000 kilometers of tracks ideal for cross-country. On the outskirts, the exquisite Tryvann Oslo Winter Park, with slopes for ski and snowboard with rental equipment and the possibility to practice at night. If you're tired, you can stay overnight in one of the existing bungalows. About two hours flight from Oslo, Atla, you will find an excellent region for snow sports, it is based on the famous Alta Igloo Hotel, since 2000, it is built in December and remains running until April.

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