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If the program is spending a few days in the Azores, it is unforgivable not making a trip to the nearby islands, as they are right there next to São Miguel. After all, they’re just eight more and the plane trip is pretty quick. As an example to Terceira, the journey is about 40 minutes with a cost of 85 Euros.

The capital of Terceira, Angra do Heroismo, is known for its traditional festivities, such as rope bullfights. With an historic center classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, let yourself be charmed by the beauty of this city, right by the sea, with Mount Brazil as an amphitheater for the two bays that accommodate boats from all around the world. Well known is also the marina of Horta, in Faial Island, everything you breathe is mystical, from the paintings that hundreds of sailors made on the pavements and walls of the harbor, through to the famous gin tonic from Peter's Café, overlooking the Pico Island, the highest point in Portugal, with 2351 meters. In Faial it is a mandatory to visit the Capelinhos Volcano and the Caldeira Massif.In any of the islands a common feature is the sea tracing the horizons, simplicity, rurality, peace and tranquillity. Is it possible to find something more peaceful than Corvo Island with half a thousand people, lost in 17 square kilometers? Still, having a grilled fish for lunch at the Baleia Ocidental Restaurant, facing the immense sea is a memorable experience.

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Recife Horta Stockholm Dakar
Recife Horta Stockholm Dakar