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For its great beauty and charm, Prague is a city increasingly sought by lovers or couples to celebrate a special date. Charles IV Bridge, the riverside walks and boat trips with dinner and live music are some of the ways to praise love and romance in the Czech capital.

Romance, charm and dreaming: Prague offers all this and more. The beauty and grandeur of the city take more couples to choose the Czech capital for a few unforgettable days that strengthen passion. Many also who take the opportunity to celebrate special occasions. It is the perfect city for strolling hand in hand. One of the mandatory stops is the Charles IV Bridge, considered one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. Over the parapets of the bridge 600 meters length, thirty statues of saints "bless" lovers who gaze the river. Strolling along the banks of the Vltava, with stops in cafes and terraces, or on board the charming replicas of old vessels, romance is guaranteed. On these boats you can also have dinner with live music. Another romantic option for dinner is the Kampa Park restaurant, one of the best in town. Located on the island of Kampa it also offers a beautiful views over the river. In this itinerary, be sure to visit the beautiful Prague Castle, known as the "Pearl of the Orient" and the old Royal Palace, residence of princes and kings of Bohemia between the XI and XVII centuries. Add to this, yet all the romance and charm of the buildings as well as the small alleys and courtyards

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