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The offer is varied and ranges from the more traditional products of the Czech handicrafts, items of glass or ceramics, wooden toys and puppets to shopping for luxury brands, located in fashionable street Parizká. If you're in Prague at the time of Easter, be sure to visit the street markets.

The town centre is the best place to shop; not only because it allows you to visit the shops while walking on foot, but also has an extended schedule (some establishments close at 20.00 or 22.00 and most of them are open on weekend). Prague is the best place to buy the famous Bohemian crystal, which have parts for all tastes: from replicas of glass worn by Czech kings to ornaments with a unique design. The Erpet (www.erpet.cz/crystal) or Blue Praha (www.bluepraha.cz) is a good choice for this type of purchase. Who likes to create their own accessories from beads, have stores like Star Beads (www.starbeads.cz) or Korálkárna (www.koralekshop.cz) a real source of inspiration. The puppets and wooden toys are great gifts for kids or even adults which can be found in Obchod loutkami (www.marionettes.cz), Truhlár Marionety and Galerie Marionette, both with stores in town. In this area is also Czech Tradition (www.czech-tradition.com) , which sells traditional crafts or Manufaktura (www.manufaktura.biz) , specializing in natural cosmetics. Who wants to take home a little traditional taste of Czech, Becherovka liqueur is an excellent suggestion. This can be found in various places, from ordinary shops to museums shops.

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