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A boat trip to visit the islands of Recife can become a unique experience. The city offers tour operators with programs to visit the existing natural beauty and stroll through the canals that make the Recife the Venice of Brazil. Further away, but worth a trip to, is the island of Itamaracá, a true natural paradise.

Make an Island Tour to enclose the three local islands - Recife, Boa Vista and Santo António - it's a different way of getting to know the state capital of Pernambuco. But just 47 km from the city, on the north coast, is the beautiful Itamaracá Island, mandatory stopping point for those who are fascinated by warm waters and good sunbathing. Itamaracá means "stone that sings" in the indigenous language and attracts tourists mainly for its natural beauty, for nature conservation and its beaches. With an area of 65 km2, this former fishing village now has about 18 000 inhabitants that live mainly from tourism. The tour can begin in Vila Velha, where you can see the houses and chapels dating from the sixteenth century. To enjoy a day in the sun, the Fort, Coroa do Avião, Enseada dos Golfinhos or Pontal da Ilha beaches are great alternatives. The Centre for Aquatic Mammals also awaits those who want to learn more about marine life.

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Faro Ponta Delgada Funchal Stockholm