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After a good day on the beach, there is nothing better than a good night out, in a seaside bar or in the city centre. Several infectious rhythms enliven the nightlife in Recife, therefore, a few hours of fun is almost guaranteed at the sound of frevo, maracatu, caboclinho, ciranda, coco-de-roda, afoxé or manguebeat.

When night falls just choose to stay at Old Recife, for a tour of the bars and clubs, or go back to the sand to dance the night away at the sound of true Brazilian rhythms. But, before dancing, the night can begin in one of the restaurants or creperies of the Galeria Joana D'Arc's gourmet pole, located at Avenida Herculano Bandeira, at the Pina. To the rhythm of the forró or MPB (Brazilian Folk Music), the program can continue in one of the bars or nightclubs in the neighbourhoods of Boa Vista, Boa Viagem and Torre. In Boa Viagem, for example, it is worth stopping at the restaurant and bar Ilha dos Navegantes to have a meal and spend the night. At Rua Francisco da Cunha, you may have a pleasant time dancing at the UK Pub. The Empório Sertanejo, located at Rua da Hora, in Espinheiro, is an excellent option for all night long, until the day dawns.

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