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"Smile, you're in Bahia!" With a motto like these, what more to expect from a night in Salvador? Clearly, lots of fun and good mood. Being in Brazil means, music, rhythm and samba. The nights in Salvador are known to be the best in Brazil and the risk of being the best in your life.

The warm nights call for refreshments: Whether they are called chopinho (draft beer) or gelado (ice cream). We recommend a stop at Sorvetaria da Ribeira (www.sorveteriadaribeira.com.br). It is a popular place on the banks of a beautiful bay in the Ribeira district. This is the place to stop after dinner at one of the many fine restaurants in town. For example, Salvador Dali, located next to Teatro Sesi, international cuisine, which has a balcony with stunning sea views of the Red River. One of the best restaurants in the city, called the Boi Preto, is situated in the neighborhood of Boca do Rio (www.churrascariaboipreto.com.br). Besides the variety of meats they provide a vast buffet of cold cuts.After that, we recommend stopping at a traditional cafe where Bahians gather to socialize a bit after dinner. They call it boteco. The most praised is called Boteco of France (Rua Borges dos Reis, 24-A), a venue of musicians, artists or actors.Later in the evening, we recommend a visit to the Groove Bar (Rua Almirante Marques de Leão), where you can listen to live music or just next door, go to Lotus, the best-known city ´s club - a subsidiary of the New York House.

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