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Right after a bath of art and culture taken in the streets of Mindelo, dive in the turquoise sea, in the beaches of São Vicente. The swing of the waves is one of ways to rock the cape verdean tourists there are brought here by the sound of music and dance.

Heat is always present in a region of humid, tropical climate, with an annual average temperature of 27 ºC. As for the water, warm as the music that echoes along the cape verdean archipelago, the temperature it fluctuates between 12 ºC and 25 ºC, turning the beach into an almost irresistible temptation. Aside from water sports, this is also idyllic scenery for scuba diving, swimming or simply enjoying the sun and the atmosphere or pure relaxation by the shore. Without leaving Mindelo, Laginha beach is the place where the cosmopolitan buzz and the serenity of the ocean meet. Not very far, Calhar beach, near a volcano that has been asleep for about a century, is one of the summer destinations that tourists and locals enjoy the most, as is Vila Miséria, with a beach nearby. With a stunning view regarding the foot of the volcano, Praia Grande beach grabs us for the its stunning bay where a natural pool is formed. And speaking about pool, the calmness of the tides in Baía das Gatas and Praia da Salamansa beach make them perfect for swimming without any worries. By the end of the day, for relaxing again with the ocean for company, go to Baía do Porto Grande, where you can find the largest port in São Vicente, a brand new marina and welcoming pub and restaurant.

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Luanda Valencia Terceira New York
Luanda Valencia Terceira New York