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Ceramic pieces are part of the region’s tradition and are an almost mandatory article on the shopping list of those visiting Valencia. The city´s markets, besides having beautiful buildings, are the perfect place to find the typical Valencia.

The best way to get into the spirit of the city is to go by the markets, whether inside or outdoor. Among the most interesting fairs is the one taking place on Sunday mornings in Plaza Redonda and that, beside plants and animals, has a great variety of paintings, books, leather pieces and records, mainly second hand. If you still have time and appreciate stamp and coin collections, you can go by the Lonja de la Seda. The city’s markets, like de Mercado Central (www.mercadocentralvalencia.es) or the Mercado de Colón are true art forms that you should visit and where you can also find fresh products, like fruit and flowers, as well as some local specialties. Nearby there are several shops where a bit of everything is sold and that can be the solution for whoever is looking for something different. Related to craftwork, handmade ceramic pieces made in Paterna stand out, but the hand painted fan, with exotic wood and ivory applications, is also much sought for. The streets near Ayuntamiento, of Virgen and Patriarca squares lodge shops specialized in craftwork and local products. The art gallery’s and antique shops are in the oldest part of town, while the main fashion brands can be found in big warehouses or their own shops.

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