Donate Miles to Madeira

No-one could remain indifferent to the images we have seen in the media over the last few days. The island of Madeira was ravaged by wildfires that, while not stripping it of its charm, robbed its people of their confidence and of their hope.

Now is the time to assess the damage and to put our shoulders to the wheel and rebuild what has been lost! TAP is committed to this task and is counting on your help, because to be a Victoria Client is also to be caring.


If you have miles that are about to expire then you have all you need to help! Transform these miles into solidarity miles and donate them to the special account we have set up. These miles will then be used in solidarity trips to support the reconstruction of Madeira.


The Victoria Programme and Madeira thank you for your help!


  • No refunds possible.
  • Not valid for tax deduction purposes.
  • Campaign valid for all Victoria Clients with enough miles in their account to make a donation.