TAP's Wine List

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TAP's Wine List

It is important for us at TAP to discover wines that reflect the quality, richness and variety of Portuguese grapes. In order to reach a large number of producers, the company called on ViniPortugal to find out about the white, red and sparkling wines from the Wine Commission in each of the country’s regions.

Following an innovative on-board wine tasting, we were able to note the characteristics of each wine, determine what makes them more interesting at altitudes and identify those that will complement the in-flight meal.

TAP's new wine list is the result of careful selection by a panel of renowned Portuguese and Brazilian specialists.


Business Class

The new wine list on tap|executive is the result of an innovative experiment: a wine tasting held on the ground, followed by another tasting on board an aircraft in flight.

This experiment was essential for ensuring the new list reflects the quality of contemporary Portuguese wines and, as such, it will make your trip even more enjoyable.

TAP's new tap|executive wine list was chosen by a panel of experts, wine lovers and wine producers from Brazil and Portugal, headed by João Paulo Martins. 

From Brazil: Ricardo Castilho, Marcelo Copello and Dânio Braga.
From Portugal: Maria João de Almeida, Rui Falcão, Pedro Garcias, Luis Antunes and Fernando Melo.

Colinas (Bairrada, 2008)
A red wine made from the queen of Portuguese grape varieties, Touriga Nacional, and French varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Appealing aroma and flavour, with ripe blackberries and purple plums predominating.

Dona Maria (Alentejo, 2010)
A red wine with an aroma of red fruits and toasty notes from the barrel in which it was aged. It has a rich, deep flavour and is very balanced, fresh and persistent. Ideal paired with meat and cheeses.

Churchill’s Estates Grande Reserva (Douro, 2007)
A red wine with great depth - complex and refined. The aroma is fruity and in the mouth it is full bodied, with ripe fruit, shrub, spices and wood aromas.

Casa Ferreirinha Callabriga (Douro, 2010)
A young, contemporary wine with an intense aroma of ripe red fruits, some floral, chocolate, spice and light balsamic notes. On the palate, the youthfulness of the fruit continues to come through.

Vale da Raposa (Douro, 2011)
A red wine with good structure and personality. Fruity aroma and palate, with some floral, chocolate and spice notes and a hint of the wood in which it was aged.

Quinta da Alorna Reserva Arinto / Chardonnay (Tejo, 2012)
Arinto grapes give this wine its fruity freshness and citrus aromas while Chardonnay gives it its ripe fruit flavours and elegant smoky notes. It reveals good structure, balance and acidity.

Esporão Verdelho (Alentejo, 2012)
Unique, aromatic and balanced white wine. It has a vibrant and fruity aroma. On the palate it is fresh and full of delicate mineral tones with a long, persistent finish.

Paulo Laureano Reserve (Alentejo, 2012)
The Antão Vaz grape variety is the star of this citrus-coloured wine fragrant with the aroma of tropical fruit and spices. Wellstructured, full-bodied, unctuous, fresh and elegant.

Poças Reserva (Douro, 2011)
Produced only in exceptional years, this is a white wine with an aroma of ripe white-fleshed fruits and a light touch of ripe citrus, all well blended with light notes of vanilla from the barrel where it was aged.

Cabriz Espumante Dão Special Edition Bruto (Dão, 2011)
The bubbles are fine and the aroma is fruity, with white-fleshed fruits predominating and a flavour reminiscent of green apples. It has good consistency and is fresh, with a good finish and mouth feel.

Luís Pato Espumante Blanc de Blancs (Bairrada, 2012)
This wine is made almost entirely with Maria Gomes grapes (95%), which gives it its fruity and floral aromas, but is complemented by the freshness of Arinto (5%).

Porto Ferreira Quinta do Porto 10 anos Tawny (Douro)
This Port has an aroma that hovers somewhere between dried and ripe fruit flavours, with notes of spices and a hint of floral. On the palate it as a good freshness, balance and persistence.

Graham’s 10 anos Tawny (Douro)
This 10-year-old wine has a complex aroma reminiscent of walnuts combined with notes of honey and figs. On the palate, it is rich and velvety with a rich, long finish.


Economy Class

In Portugal, wine is an essential part of any meal and social occasion.

Consequently, the wines on the list were selected with dining and our culinary traditions in mind.

TAP has done this to ensure the wines we offer complement our in-flight menu.


Note: TAP does not serve alcoholic beverages in economy class on flights between Portugal and the islands (Madeira and Azores), Spain or North Africa.

Monte Velho (Alentejo, 2012)
Produced with Aragonês, Trincadeira, Touriga Nacional and Syrah grape varieties, this is a simplered wine with a fruity profile - well-rounded, easy to drink and elegant, with some depth.

Casa Ferreirinha Esteva (Douro, 2012)
Its aroma is fruity and remains fruity on the palate, with a light touch of spices. It has medium structure, with good body, volume and acidity.

Vila Régia (Douro, 2012)
A simple wine with a fruity and elegant profile and good consistency. Produced from the region’s traditional grape varieties. It should be served chilled as an aperitif or paired with simple dishes.

Paulo Laureano Clássico (Alentejo, 2012)
Antão Vaz, Roupeiro and Fernão Pires are the portuguese grape varieties Paulo Laureano has selected to produce this white wine with its tropical and citrus aroma and fresh and fruity flavour.

Colinas Espumante Brut Nature (Bairrada, 2010)
A fresh, vibrant sparkling wine with fine bubbles and a citrus and mineral aroma with discrete toasty notes. Full-bodied, with perfect acidity to give it vitality and freshness.