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What are TAP's values?collapsed

TAP is Portugal’s leading airline and has been a member of Star Alliance since 14 March 2005. Flying since 1945, taphub in Lisbon is a key European gateway at the crossroads of Africa, North and South America. The company’s Portuguese character, brand and quality of service as a basic concept have been the main factors driving our strategy over recent years. Learn more about tap’s mission and values here.

I want to work at TAP. How can I apply?collapsed

We constantly strive to improve our human and technical resources, in order to provide our passengers with a high-quality service and consolidate our position in the aviation market. Send your online job application here and join us.

Has TAP been internationally recognised?collapsed

Yes. TAP has received awards several times, including Best European Airline in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Learn more about our awards here.

In which markets does TAP operate?collapsed

Over the last few years, TAP has focused on some of its main markets, particularly in Africa and South America. It is the leading Portuguese airline and the number one airline between Europe and Brazil. The company’s efforts include ensuring sustainable growth by adapting to the changes in each market, while increasing traffic and occupancy rates. New medium- and long -haul routes have been added to the TAP network. In the summer of 2014, 11 new routes were launched. Learn more here.

Where can I find corporate information on TAP?collapsed

All the details on TAP corporate information are available here.

What is Star Alliance?collapsed

The Star Alliance network is the leading global airline network, with the highest number of member airlines, daily flights, destinations and countries flown to. The member airlines of the network are among the most respected in the world. In order to become members, all must comply with the highest industry standards of customer service, security and technical infrastructure. TAP has been a Star Alliance member since 2005. Find out more at

Does TAP care about the environment?collapsed

Yes. TAP has defined a strategy for economic growth to compete on a global scale without detracting from its responsibilities within social and environmental spheres. By adhering to the principles of the UN Global Compact, TAP has been witness to and coexists with concerns about the environment, integrating these into its activities. Learn more about tap’s Act Eco Initiatives here.

Where can I get information on the shareholder structure of TAP?collapsed

Find all the information you need concerning shareholders here.

Does TAP have a code of ethics?collapsed

Yes. You can read our Code of Ethics here.

Who provides handling services?collapsed

In March 2005, Groundforce was launched resulting from the privatisation of ground-based TAP Portugal Customer Care Services in 2003. Groundforce is based in the quality and experience of its more than 2,900 employees that provide services at Portugal’s main airports — Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Funchal and Porto Santo. Learn more here and here.

What is Portugália?collapsed

PGA (Portugália Airlines) began its operation in 1990 and has been part of the TAP Group since 2007. The first official flight connected Lisbon to Porto, the same day that the Lisbon - Faro route was inaugurated. More information about Portugália here.

Where can I see the TAP annual report?collapsed

TAP has as its focus airport transport service and similar activities and is constantly aiming for a return for its investors and leadership in the niche market where it operates. All the useful information you need to know concerning this subject is available here.

Does TAP have a freight service?collapsed

Yes. The mission of TAP Cargo is to provide a reliable service to collect, transport and deliver goods and packages on TAP and partner aircraft in a timely manner, suitable for every need, at competitive prices. Learn more here and here.

Does TAP have high maintenance standards?collapsed

Yes. Since the foundation in 1945, TAP's Maintenance & Engineering has been responsible for the maintenance of its entire fleet. Today it serves more than 70 aircraft. Learn more about TAP’s M&E here and here.

Concerning the TAP privatisation process: collapsed

On November 12 of 2015, TAP entered a brand new cycle of its already long lifetime of 70 years in operation after the completion of the company’s re-privatization process — the acquisition of 61% of its share capital by the Atlantic Gateway Group, which is jointly owned by both the HPGB, SGPS Society, led by the Portuguese Humberto Pedrosa, and by the DGN Corporation, led by the North-American David Neeleman. For now on, TAP takes off to a journey leading into the future with arms wide open, looking forward to count with our Customers preference while we strengthen the relationship with our business partners. To read all the information about this subject please click here.

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