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How do I book a flight?collapsed

The easiest way to book your flight is through the TAP website. At, you can start the booking process with the “Book Now” button on the left of the page. There is also the “Flight” button under the “Plan & Book” section.

I have not received confirmation of my booking. What should I do?collapsed

If you didn’t receive your booking confirmation, please contact us.

How do I know if my ticket was booked and paid for?collapsed

After you confirm your flight options, personal data and payment info, you will see a confirmation page with the booking reference and details. The booking reference proves your booking has been made. We will send a confirmation email to the address you provided.

I booked and paid, but did not receive the e-ticket. What should I do?collapsed

If you paid by debit or credit card, and obtained confirmation but did not receive the e-ticket, please contact us.

Must I enter my complete name in the booking process?collapsed

No. Please note that, due to character limitation, TAP only requires your first and last name when booking online.

Are there any service fees?collapsed

Yes. Service fees are applicable on online bookings, when the ticket is issued. You can find all information about service fees here.

What is Gift Voucher?collapsed

Gift Voucher was created so you can surprise your nearest and dearest, at any time. It allows you to travel the world in the 12 months following the date of issue and is available in three amounts:

  • €50
  • €75
  • €150
Gift Voucher can be bought via the Contact Center of TAP stores in Portugal. Gift Voucher can be used on bookings via the Contact Center, at any TAP store or authorised travel agency.

What is overbooking?collapsed

Overbooking occurs when the number of booked passengers in a flight is greater than the number of seats of the plane. In this case, TAP will look for volunteers willing to postpone their trip for an alternative flight and compensate them.

What is the limit time for me to make an online reservation before the flight?collapsed

The limit time to book online may vary between 6 and 72 hours before the scheduled departure time, depending on the market and the payment methods available.

How do I change the market/language on

At the top of the page, you may select the market and your preferred language.

What is the “direct flights only” option for?collapsed

This option allows you to search for direct flights only, with no flight connections.

What is a multi-city trip?collapsed

Multi-city allows you to book a trip where you travel to two or more cities before returning to the city of departure. You may add up to 6 segments, using the option “Add Flight", in the booking process. You can also use multi-city to book a connecting flight. You just need to enter each section of the trip separately. Finally, you can use multi-city to book a trip that starts in one city and ends in a different city, travelling to other destinations in between.

What is the difference between “Must travel on these dates” and “My dates are flexible”?collapsed

On the Advanced Search, by selecting “Must travel on these dates” you will see a list of flights for the selected period, organised by TAP product. “My dates are flexible” will give you not only the best fares available for the selected period, but also for dates around that period in a 7x7 calendar.

What happens when I select a TAP product?collapsed

When you hover the mouse over the 5 TAP Products, the different services, advantages on land and on board, and conditions associated with each one will be indicated. If you select one of them, the best fares on all TAP products will be shown, but the column referring to the selected product will be highlighted in a different colour.

I have a promotional /conference code. Where should I enter it?collapsed

To use a code, you must fill in the details of your search and enter the code in a field named “code”,which appears in the grey area of the right column. If you didn’t enter it on the search page, you can do it on the selection page, available in the same area, and then click “activate code”.

What are the Youth/Senior fares?collapsed

On some routes, TAP offers special fares such as:

  • Youth fares — valid for passengers between 12 and 24 years
  • Senior fares— valid for passengers 65 years and older
If you wish to purchase one of these fares, select Advanced Search to book your flight and then choose one of the options under “Passengers”. If there are no fares of this type available for the route you selected, you will be informed by an alert message at the top of the page.

What are Residents fares?collapsed

TAP offers special fares to:

  • Portuguese citizens who have lived for at least 6 months in the Autonomous Region of Azores, when travelling to the mainland and/or Madeira
  • Portuguese citizens living in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, when travelling to Azores or having a valid Employment Contract for at least a year.
To purchase one of these fares, select Advanced Search to book your flight and then choose “Residents” under the “Passengers” option. Before completing the booking, please indicate your VAT number and ID Card number as proof of residency in one of the Portuguese islands. For children and babies, their parents’ VAT number and ID Card number must be indicated instead. At check-in, you must present:
  • VAT number
  • ID Card/passport
  • Employment contract

What are Residents fares?collapsed

On some routes, tap offers special fares for:

  • Students in Azores living in Portugal mainland or Madeira (flights from/to Funchal);
  • Students in Portugal mainland, living in Azores;
  • Students in Madeira (flights from/to Funchal) living in Azores.
These special fares apply only for passengers aged between 12 and 26 years, who present a valid student certificate, which is obtainable here. To purchase one of these fares, select Advanced Search to book your flight and then choose “Students” under the “Passengers” option. In the payment page, before concluding the booking, you must indicate your VAT number and identity card number as a proof of residency. At check-in, you must present:
  • VAT number;
  • Identity card/passport;
  • Student certificate.

I can't download the Student Certificate. What should I do?collapsed

The Student Certificate can be obtained here. If you cannot see this, please contact TAP.

How many children/babies can I travel with?collapsed

Each adult can travel with up to 4 children or with 1 child and 1 baby.

What is the maximum number of passengers I can book for?collapsed

There is a limit of 9 passengers per booking (adults and children).

Can I book different classes for different legs of the trip?collapsed

Yes. You can individually select a class for each leg of your trip. For example, you can fly Executive on departure and Economy on return. In the selection page of the booking process, you can choose the class you want to travel on each leg.

If I book online, how do I get my plane ticket?collapsed

If you book online, your electronic ticket will be sent to the email address you indicated during the booking process.

Why do prices vary for the same flights at different times?collapsed

One of the factors that influences the price of our flights is demand by route and schedule. So, two flights between the same points may have different prices because one is on a schedule that has greater demand.

Some flights have an X in the Products column. What does it mean?collapsed

When there are no available fares for a certain TAP product, an X will appear instead of the price.

I've selected a fare and the return flights have red flags on them. What does this mean?collapsed

It means that the selected rate for the outward flight can only be combined with specific rates for the return flight. These rates are indiated with a red flag.

What does OAL mean?collapsed

OAL means that one of the flights on your itinerary is operated by another airline. There may be restrictions on the available services.

How do I know if my ticket allows alterations and cancellations?collapsed

You can check the changes/cancellation terms of your flight:

  • On the selection page, in “Conditions for Changes and Refunds” under “Conditions Summary”
  • On the purchase page, in “Fare Conditions” under the section “Flight Conditions”
  • On the confirmation page of your reservation
  • On the confirmation email
If you need any other kind of information regarding your ticket, please contact">contact tap.

What are "fare conditions"?collapsed

There are pricing conditions associated with all tickets, which determine the different existing prices. The most common conditions are those related to the changes/cancellation of your reservation.

How do I know which airport I’m travelling to?collapsed

On the grey area of the right side of the booking process page, you’ll find decoding for the airport codes of the selected itinerary.

What does “long layover” mean?collapsed

Whenever the connection time between flights is greater than 6 hours, you will receive an alert on the selection page of the booking process (under each flight), as well as in the purchase and confirmation pages, and in the confirmation email.

How do I know the number of Victoria Miles to earn on my frequent flyer card?collapsed

During the booking process, we will give you information on your Victoria Miles. On the selection page, under the "Conditions" section, you will see the percentage of miles you earn with each chosen itinerary. On the purchase and confirmation pages, and on the confirmation email, you will have access to the real number of miles you earn.

How do I know if I'm choosing Economy or Executive Class?collapsed

In the "Conditions" section of the booking process, you will be informed which class you are booked into.

After choosing the flights, can I submit a new search?collapsed

Yes. If the previous search is of no interest, or you wish to change it, you can use the search engine available in the grey area. You just need to fill in the new data and submit it.

How do I suggest a trip to someone else?collapsed

In the grey area of the selection page, click "Suggest This Trip" and fill in the fields. Then click "send".

Where can I see details of all the fees I'm being charged?collapsed

In the “Price Breakdown” section of the selection page during the booking process, you can check the total amount to be paid broken down by passenger, fare, taxes and surcharges. By clicking “Fees, Surcharges and OtherCharges”, you can see the details of all charges applicable to your trip Airport charges, fuel and security surcharges might also be added. Additional fees may be charged locally at the airport. In some countries, a service fee might also be applied.

What happens if I click “get all TAP/executive benefits”?collapsed

There could be restrictive fares within the tap|executive product. If you’ve selected one, you will be given the chance to change your selection to a non-restrictive fare. Just click “Get all tap|executive advantages” and your itinerary will be recalculated for a non-restrictive fare (if available).

What is aviation carbon offset?collapsed

Each passenger can pay to offset the emissions caused by their share of the flight’s emissions, contributing to help the environment. Contributing to carbon offsetting is not mandatory, and once paid there is no refund. TAP doesn’t benefit from this programme. The contribution will be donated to projects certified by the United Nations. If you’re interested, please select the option “CO2 Emission Offset”, in the “Total Amount” section. More info here.

Is carbon offsetting already included in the total price?collapsed

If you select this option in the booking process, the total price will be recalculated to include your offset.

What is the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund Fee?collapsed

Danish Law states that all passengers buying an air ticket in Denmark must be given the option to purchase the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund Fee which is administered by the ‘Rejsegarantifonden’ (RGF), an entity owned by the Danish Government. If you select this option, the total price will be recalculated to include the tax.

What is the Reservation Holder?collapsed

For each reservation there is an associated holder, which should be identified as Adult, Youth, Senior or Resident. Children and babies cannot be Reservation Holders.

How do I enter the name of the passengers?collapsed

Make sure the name and surname of the passenger for which you are making the reservation correspond exactly to his/her identity document. The field for the name of the passenger (title, name, surname) only allows 51 characters. If you have any doubts on how to enter a passenger name when booking online, please contact TAP before completing the reservation. Tickets are non-transferable, and no name changes are allowed.

I can’t enter the baby’s name. What should I do?collapsed

Make sure the name of the adult passenger and the name of the baby together do not exceed 33 characters.

Can I enter more than one phone contact?collapsed

Yes. In the "Primary Passenger Data" section, click "Add". You can add up to a maximum of 3 phone contacts.

How should I enter the phone contact?collapsed

In the “Phone Type” field, please select between mobile phone, home phone and business phone. The “Country” field will be filled dynamically according to the market selection; it can be changed by selecting another country from the available list. The “Number” field cannot contain spaces and must have at least 5 digits.

How can I save my details for future reservations?collapsed

On the “Primary Passenger Details” section, select the “ Remember my personal data for future reservations” option.

What is the CIP Code?collapsed

The CIP Code is a code used by companies that are registered in the TAP Corporate Programme. Therefore, it is not a mandatory field.

I have a frequent flyer card from another airline. Can I use it in my reservation?collapsed

Yes. Besides TAP Victoria, the “Frequent Flyer Programme” includes:

  • All airline members of Star Alliance
  • SATA Imagine
  • Ukraine International Airlines Panorama Club

What is the Redress Number for?collapsed

The Redress Number is a 7-digit reference, given by DHS Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (TRIP), which aims to:

  • help passengers who have experienced delays
  • help passengers who have been denied boarding, or further enquiries by relevant authorities
  • avoid delays and other inconvenient situations resulting from doubts concerning identity

What happens if I don’t accept the Fare Conditions and the Terms and Conditions of Carriage?collapsed

If that is the case, you won't be able to complete your online reservation. We suggest you to contact TAP.

What happens if I don’t accept the Fare Conditions and the Terms and Conditions of Carriage?collapsed

If that is the case, you won't be able to complete your online reservation. We suggest you to contact us.

What is an e-ticket?collapsed

E-ticket is an unprinted flight coupon. They are kept in the airline's database and you can access them at any counter or through the TAPContact Center. An e-ticket does not involve any changes in booking or payment procedures. After planning your journey, you will be sent an e-mail confirming your booking and issuing your e-ticket. For more info on E-ticket here.

Can I book an extra seat?collapsed

Yes. Please contact TAP to request an extra seat. You’ll be charged for another seat with the same fare applied to the passenger, plus the fuel tax (YQ).

How can I complete my reservation with additional services?collapsed

Yes. TAP lets you add services to your reservation and find out more about your destination. Depending on the market you are booking, it is possible to add optional services to your trip, like rent-a-car, travel insurance, hotel, among others. You can do it in the “Complete your Travel” section, available on the confirmation page. You also have that option in the confirmation email sent to you.

Can I book transport of my sports equipment online?collapsed

No. To book the transport of sports equipment, you must contact our Contact Center.

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