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How do I claim miles missing from my air miles statement?collapsed

If your statement does not show all the miles you have earned, send copies of the boarding passes from the missing flights to:

You can only claim missing miles in the 6 months following the date you benefitted from the service. You can also use the "Claim Miles" option on, under “Victoria”. However we ask you to please retain all your original documents until the credit appears on your mileage statement.

How do I claim air miles earned with partners of the Victoria Programme?collapsed

Our partners have made a commitment to credit miles up to six months after each activity. Please use the form available in your online account in “Claim Miles”. In future, check that the name is the same as that in your profile. Claiming miles with ground partners If you didn't show your Victoria Membership Card, it's not too late. All you have to do is fill in the form in your online account to credit miles, as our partners have agreed to credit miles up to six months after the use of their services. Go to Claim Miles.

Where can I look at my statement of account?collapsed

You can find your statement in "My Victoria" section. This is a restricted access area. You will need a PIN to access your account. If you haven't yet got a PIN or if you have lost or forgotten it, you can ask for a reminder online or at

My Victoria account has been blocked. What should I do?collapsed

Access to your account is blocked if you enter the wrong PIN. Ask for a new PIN so that you can access your Victoria account.

Can I buy miles or extend the validity of my miles?collapsed

Yes. The Victoria Programme allows you to buy additional miles and extend the validity of your miles online. You can also transfer your miles to another Victoria account. See all available transactions for your miles here.

How long are miles valid for?collapsed

Bonus Miles are valid for three years, except when otherwise specified. However, some Bonus Miles (such as compensation miles and some promotions) may only be valid for one annual accrual period. The expiry date of your miles is pre-defined depending on the month they were registered. If you registered in January the expiry date is the last day of that month, i.e. if they were registered on January 1st, the miles expire on January 31st unless they are used. Following on from the above example, if you registered on January 1st (regardless of the year of registration): *you earned 1,000 Bonus Miles in February 2011. If they are not used, they will expire on January 31st, 2014 *you earned 1,000 Bonus Miles in February 2012. If they are not used, they will expire on January 31st, 2015 *you earned 1,000 Bonus Miles in June 2013. If they are not used, they will expire on January 31st, 2016

Can I credit expired miles back to my account?collapsed

Expired miles cannot be credited back to your Victoria account.

Can I transfer my miles between Victoria accounts?collapsed

You can transfer miles between Victoria accounts and to STEP accounts, but not between accounts from different frequent flyer and customer loyalty programmes. For further information, click here.

When will I be informed of the balance in my Victoria account?collapsed

You can check your miles balance through your online statement whenever and wherever you wish.

What is the SMS TAP Victoria service?collapsed

This is an information service to update the balance of your Victoria Miles via SMS. When you send a request for balance information you’ll receive an update. By using tap Victoria SMS, you’ll automatically win 50 miles (1 credit max. per day).

How can I make sure that my miles have been credited?collapsed

In order to avoid irregularities in the crediting of miles, whenever you make a booking, check that your Victoria Number is correct and that the name is the same as that in your profile. This will ensure that the miles are automatically credited to you.
If you travel under a different name from that registered in your Victoria profile, the miles will not be credited automatically. So that we can be sure that we are crediting the miles to the right customer, we need you to email us at and attach a copy of an ID document and proof that you took the flight. We will then credit your miles.

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