Baggage Recommendations

TAP Portugal gives you advices to keep in mind while carrying baggage.


Recommendations on baggage carrying

  • Your baggage should be duly identified with your name and at least your telephone number (if possible your mobile phone number). TAP supplies free tags at the check-in counter for this purpose.

    For greater security, we suggest that you also place this information inside each piece of checked baggage (use the form below for this purpose).

  • Fragile or perishable items and valuables or documents should not be transported in checked baggage.

  • Do not over-pack your bags; respect the limits of their capacity.

  • When checking your bags, make sure that your baggage claim checks correspond to the right destination.

  • When you collect your bags upon arrival, check to make sure the number on the tag is the same as the number on your claim check.

  • Baggage irregularities should be immediately reported to the TAP staff at the time the baggage is collected or when it is discovered to be missing, before leaving the baggage claim area.

  • For your own safety, TAP recommends that you: do not carry baggage items for other people without knowing their contents.

Please use the following contact details in case of any irregularities with my luggage:



Please use the same name as used in the reservation.