Transfer miles

Do you know someone who needs miles? Do you happen to have some spare miles? Be a hero and help your friends reach their goals by transferring your miles.

How to Transfer Miles

  1. Login to your Victoria Account.
  2. You must have your friend’s Victoria Client Number.
  3. Fill out the form to transfer miles.
  4. Receive an email confirming the transfer.

  5. Tell your friend the good news!

Terms and Conditions

  • Transferring miles can only be made in blocks of 2,000 miles.
  • All miles transferred are considered Bonus Miles and cannot be reimbursed.

  • These transactions may be subject to an international processing tax.

  • Miles can only be transferred between Victoria Accounts.
  • Learn more about terms and conditions for miles shop.

What else can I do with Victoria Miles?

Earn miles with TAP and enjoy great experiences.