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How can I use my company's Corporate Points?collapsed

You can use your Corporate Points, and reduce costs for your company, with: Award Tickets

  • Award bookings can be made directly on the website, using the IBE Corporate Redemption booking engine after login;
  • Or contacting Fly Corporate Service Center on 707 200 221 (working days from 9am to 6pm) or email
  • The request is made using the form available in the Corporate portal after login, in the Using Your Points menu
  • Alternatively, you can contact the Service Cente, as mentioned above.
What payment methods are available to pay fees related to Award Tickets?collapsed

Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Airplus), for immediate debit and issues; ATM — this option is valid only for trips booked online at least 2 days before departure. After the process is completed, you will be shown a confirmation page with your booking details, as well as the necessary information for the payment: TAP reference, payment reference and total amount. These details will also be sent to the email address that you provided during the booking process. The references must be used in the ATM with the option “Service Payment” or via homebanking with the option “Purchase Payment”. For flights taking place within 48 hours: Your booking will have to be paid for in the following 3 hours. If no payment is registered in this period, your booking will be automatically cancelled. For flights taking place after 48 hours: Your booking must be paid for by 8pm (Continental Portugal time) of the following day. If no payment is registered, it will be automatically cancelled. Payment through ATM is available only for debit cards issued in Portugal. For Award Tickets and Upgrades booked via TAP Corporate fly Service Center, payment must be made with credit card. NOTE: some banking institutions do not provide the “Purchase Payment” option via homebanking. In these situations or in case you’re having difficulties completing payment, please contact tap.

How many Corporate Points are required for an Award Ticket?collapsed

You can see the necessary Corporate Points for an Award Ticket here. The one way Award Tickets need only 50% of the value indicated in the points chart.

How many Corporate Points are required for an upgrade?collapsed

You can see the necessary Corporate Points for an uprade a here. Corporate Points indicated in the chart for Ugrades are valid exclusively for one way tickets and are charged by segment.

What is the procedure to request an Upgrade?collapsed

We will only accept upgrade requests for bookings issued with tickets from:

  • tap|classic
  • tap|plus

Can I request an upgrade at the boarding gate?collapsed

No. Upgrade requests must be submitted to the Service Center TAP Corporate fly:

  • Telephone 707 200 221 (working days from 9am to 6pm);
  • Email;
  • Online request at, after login, with the form available here.

Can I combine Victoria Miles and Corporate Points when buying an Award Ticket or an upgrade?collapsed

No. Cumulative combinations of awards is not permitted.

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