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What destinations does TAP fly to?collapsed

TAP flies directly to more than 80 destinations in 3 continents. You can find information about them at

What is a "code-share" flight?collapsed

“Code-share” refers to a partnership between TAP and other airline companies. Some flights, though marketed by TAP and with Airline Designator Code TP, may be operated by other companies. When booking and at check-in, TAP will advise which carrier is operating your flight.

What destinations are available through "code-share" flights?collapsed

You can find information about destinations operated by partner airlines here.

What is a one-way fare?collapsed

A one-way fare or one-way trip is when you buy a plane ticket without a return flight.

What is a multi-city trip?collapsed

A multi-city trip gives you greater flexibility when booking your flight. It also allows you to depart and return from and to different airports. For example: Departure — Lisbon-Paris/Return — Toulouse-Porto. You may add up to 6 segments, using the option “Add Route", in the booking process.

Where can I find information about promotions and discounts?collapsed

You will find the best fares at, under the option “Destinations & Promotions”. You can also subscribe to our newsletter here or follow our Facebook and Twitter pages to be up to date.

What kind of products/reservations does TAP offer?collapsed

TAP offers its passengers 5 ways to travel:

  • tap|discount
  • tap|basic
  • tap|classic
  • tap|plus
  • tap|executive
Each of these products is associated with different services, on the ground and on board. Find more information on here.

Do I have special benefits when flying in Executive Class?collapsed

Yes. The tap|executive product guarantees exclusive conditions, such as access to parking and lounge at the airport, priority luggage and check-in, personalised service and comfort on board. Find more information on here.

Are there any special fares depending on the date of travel and type of passenger?collapsed

Yes. Fares might depend on several factors, such as the season, day of the week or passenger status. You can find all information related to fares on here.

I’m travelling to the United States. Do I need special documentation?collapsed

Yes. When travelling to the United States, you will need a passport and permission to travel issued by the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). Find all information on here.

What is ESTA?collapsed

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) is authorisation to travel to the United States, mandatory for passengers exempt from visas. Authorisation must be requested and obtained up to 3 days before the flight. More information here.

How can I apply for ESTA?collapsed

You can apply by submitting an online form. You should do it in advance, preferably before you book your flight. Find more information on here.

Where can I learn more about TAP’s Conditions of Carriage?collapsed

The terms of the contract between TAP and passenger are available in the General Conditions of Carriage here.

What are Star Alliance fares?collapsed

Star Alliance offers exceptional flexibility and prices, with the Round the World, Circle Pacific and regional fares. Find all information available here and prepare yourself to explore the world.

How can I book the cheapest flights?collapsed

The price of a flight depends on several factors. Here are some tips to find the best fares:

  • Book in advance: by booking in advance you will find seats available at the best prices. The closer the booking date is to departure, the lower the chance of finding the best ticket price
  • Book a Saturday night: try to spend a Saturday night at your chosen destination. Some of the lowest ticket fares have this restriction
  • Avoid travelling during the high season: seats sell out quickly at this time year and the best rates are the first to be sold. You should travel in high season only when necessary
  • Promotions: visit regularly and subscribe to our Newsletter. This is one of the best ways to hear about our special offers firsthand
  • Good Planning: the best ticket fares are the most restrictive, many of them do not allow any changes or refunds after the ticket has been issued and even when changes are allowed they will be subject to penalties


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