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The past of Brussels has a great weight on the landscape and continues a well preserved city, the offer is rich. Discovering the modernity of this city is always a fun and exciting challenge.

Famous for the Atomium and its liaison to comic books, Brussels is a city fun to discover, with sights that appeal to different ages and likings and refutes the idea of a very austere capital, purely connected to politics and economics. No matter how rigorous working days are, there are places and occasions favorable to relaxation anytime and everywhere. The rich architectural heritage is complemented by a wide range of culture and leisure. Along with the museums and festivals you may add a daily varied agenda filled with events as well as an amazing nightlife. Mobility is greatly facilitated by the transport system, which is ideal for wandering the streets of the city center, as for driving a car it is not good option. Underground, buses and trams, all use the same transport tickets, and there is also a train that leads to other cities. All railway stations are linked with other public transports. The climate is relatively mild, with temperatures around 5 ° C in winter and 20 ° C during the summer months.