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On land or at sea, adventure won’t lack in Dakar. Whether you choose an afternoon on the waves, surf, ride a jet ski or go for an off-road trip with harsh tracks, the adrenaline will always be at the maximum. Pick your sport and enjoy!

The Senegalese are very proud of their hospitality. They say that they are the Teranga people, which host well whoever visits them. But prepare yourself, because besides the warm welcome, they will still invite to embark on challenges. Here you will find great beaches where you can dedicate your time to diving and not only. Ask the locals which are the safest beaches. They will be eager to respond! One of them is Oceanium, which even has a diving club. But there are other sports highly sought. Dakar has some of the best waves for surfing on the African continent. Grab your board and go out to sea. And why not ride a jet ski, or practice a bit of windsurfing? In the resort of Saly, make time to practice these sports and many more. Leaving the sea and going to land, you will find that Dakar is always associated with the mythical off-road race. This is the biggest and toughest car race that usually runs between Europe and Africa, and commonly ends in Dakar. However, since 2007 the routes have been changed for security reasons, so last year it was held in Buenos Aires. But the tradition remains. When visiting Dakar go for an Adventure Tour through the desert. An unforgettable experience.