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Whoever leaves "Vespas" may say that you’ve been in the hottest spot of nightlife in Madeira. But in Funchal, there is no lack of nightclubs and pubs to try the famous regional Poncha and have a night out until dawn. You can even dance while enjoying the view over the Atlantic Ocean or dance in the basement of a luxury hotel.

It is on the weekends that Funchal becomes a real nightlife capital. Students and tourists gather and enjoy the mild climate that characterizes the city, filling the streets with laughter and fun until dawn. But let us first: start with a coffee after dinner. At Lido, the highlight goes to "Fora d’oras". But if one goes to Funchal, trying the famous poncha is a must, so visit "Number 2" to do so. "Café Teatro" in the very center of Funchal, is another suggestion, because there fun continues throughout the night with guest DJ's. If you are a fan of live music, then choose the "FX Bar” in Avenida do Mar, or “Irish Pub" in Lido. From here all roads will lead to "Vespas", considered the highlight of Madeira night. But there are nightclubs for all tastes and ages, whether in the city center, or even in 5 star hotels. "O Farol" is one of them. It is in the Madeira Carlton Hotel, and it is open until 4am. In the basement of the Casino is "Copacabana", a large space, where often take place fashion shows and concerts. To end, the best: "Molhe" is a place located in an old fortress, which has a dance floor, surrounded by glass and a magnificent view over the sea.