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London is overflowing with culture. The city is full of fabulous museums like the Natural History Museum, the surprising Tate Modern on the Thames shores, or the famous wax museum Madame Tussauds. Another program not to be missed are the many musicals that fill the stages of the city. Prices may not be the most accessible, but it is a rewarded investment.

The city of William Shakespeare is a real world reference when it comes to cultural offer. Starting with the fantastic museums, know that if you and your children, visit the Natural History Museum it is a program of guaranteed success. The Tate Modern and Madame Tussauds wax museum are other places worth spending time. Then, enter the mysterious world of the most famous detective in the planet, and visit No. 221b Baker Street, where you’ll find the House-Museum of Sherlock Holmes. Music is also a constant in the various Playhouses of the city, such as Royal Albert Hall and the Barbican Arts Centre. The London Philharmonic Orchestra, based in the Royal Festival Hall is one of the worlds most prestigious, just as the National Royal Ballet. In other chords more to the rhythm of rock 'n roll, why not go to the first Hard Rock Cafe in the world? Or if you enjoy the rocking buy tickets to one of the many musicals on stage in London. The experience is unforgettable and it is likely that you will wants to go for more.