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You will lose sight of the coast, filled with beautiful beaches, islets and sandbanks, savannas, national parks rich in exotic fauna and flora that defy the visitors to a memorable journey. Located in the south West Africa, Angola has a climate that varies between a rain season and a dry season, less hot. Whoever visits this country will encounter friendly and cheerful People.

In a fast economical growth, Angola has an estimated population of 18,500 million inhabitants. Over 5 million are concentrated in the capital region, Luanda. Rich in mineral resources, such as oil, diamonds, natural gas, iron, copper, this Old Portuguese colony has suffered with the Independence War (1961-1974) and the Civil War (1974-2002) and offers the visitors a little of each natural treasures that Africa possess. From the tropical forest, in the north, to the desert, in the south, and the savannah in the central plateau, this country reveals a nation of contrasts, with a stunning tropical fauna and flora. West of the country lies the Atlantic coast, with 1650 km. Angola is bordered by Congo to the north-east, Zambia borders the east and Namibia lies south of the country. The rainy season is between October and April whilst the dryer and the less warm season extends from May till August. On the coast thermometers register an annual average temperature of 23ºC. When at a table Angolans don’t hesitate mixing a touch of African, Portuguese and Brazilian delicious treats. “Funge”, “Muamba”, fresh or dried fish and beans cooked in palm oil deserve our very special attention.

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Portuguese (Official language) 42 indigenous languages are spoken. Indigenous languages with the largest usage are Umbundo, Quimbundo (or Kimbundu) and Quicongo (or Kicongo). Contáctenos