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It is in national parks that is revealed all the splendor of Africa and the richness of the Angolan fauna and flora. Kissama is one of the largest natural reserves of the country that offers good conditions to tourists.

Angola is a country where nature is exuberant in which national parks species exist in significant number. For Europeans, little accustomed to the exotic variety of flora and fauna of Africa, this is cause for wonder when visiting these areas. It is worth exploring the 70 km that separate Luanda from the Kissama National Park, one of the country's largest and best equipped facilities for tourists. For several centuries it has been used for hunting, but in recent years it has been repopulated with the original species: A unique opportunity to see elephants, giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, ostriches, antelopes and sea turtles in their natural habitat. In its 9600 km2 of extension it also provides a wide variety of vegetation ranging from tropical dry forest, with cactuses and baobabs, to tropical rainforests and savannas. Only 8 kilometers from the Angolan capital is the Natural Park Ilhéu dos Passáros, a relatively small area (1.7 km2), where there are no large mammals, but where you can find several species of migratory birds like waders and webbed birds. It is a humid area and often subject to flooding, and therefore mangroves are predominant.