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One of the world's financial capitals and one of the places with the best quality of living. Zurich is not an elitist city. Nature, culture and leisure can be fully enjoyed, whatever the budget available.

Zurich might equal wealth and luxury and many might think it is not a city made for all pockets. This is completely wrong. Zurich is generous in the way it shares with its visitors the richness of its natural landscapes, leisure and cultural life. It is a city with an excellent transportation system: the S-Bahn (suburban rail) has frequent connections with the surroundings and busses and trams trail the whole urban area, every few minutes. Boats navigating Lake Zurich enable visitors to find breathtaking views. The Zürich Card (http://www.zuerich.com) is a good way to obtain discounts and free trips. During the winter months, with temperatures between minus two degrees and four degrees, the city is ideal for snow lovers. Even the ones who suffer with the cold have no reasons to fear the climate of Zurich, since public spaces are equipped in a way to lessen the effects of the cold weather. The summer is much more temperature, with temperatures around 22 degrees. Sunny days are in fact more common than you might imagine: the city has an average of 3,500 hours of sun per year.