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The Torre Fair on weekends and the Imports Fair during the week are the best places to spend some money. From souvenirs, handicrafts, clothing, or even electronic goods you will find all these in the fairs. Across the city there are also large areas where the variety of shops is far greater. It depends on what you plan to spend!

From the smaller shopping malls such as the Liberty Shopping Mall, to the larger shopping centers such as Parkshopping, the Pátio Brasil, and the Conjunto Nacional, choices are varied for a fun afternoon of shopping. The last is the oldest mall in the city. But if you want to escape the shopping malls, of course there are other options. Accept the challenge and go to the traditional Torre Fair, which is already a mark of the city since 1970. Along with the TV tower, this is where during every weekend, and holidays, from 8 am to 6 pm, you can buy the best the city has to offer. Furthermore it is a very pleasant tour to do with the family. Apart from pottery and souvenirs, here you can buy candy, or drink a “caldo de cana” - sugar cane juice - liquid extracted from sugar cane in the milling process. Another of the most popular fairs in the city is the Imports Fair. Here you will find more than two thousand stores with national and imported products, mostly electronics. However, there are also clothing stores, toys, crafts and decor, among other products. And the advantage is that it is open Tuesday through to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm.

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