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Located on the seafront, the city of Dakar alone could be a paradise for sun and beach lovers. Besides the private, reserved beaches that exist for hotel guests, you will find here beaches that worthy a good late afternoon. Enjoy every moment on these beaches, with unforgettable views.

A city that was born on a coast where the summer is synonymous with the blazing heat, this can only be a sign ... the beach. And so, Dakar is a dream destination for long sandy and sea bathing lovers. Most hotels have private beaches. Enjoy them! On the other hand, if you like of explore the beaches that are located outside the hotels, here are some suggestions. In Dakar, the most sought beaches are the -Plage Bel-Air and of N'Gor and Yoff. Other great beaches are those of Toubab Dialao and Yenne, known mainly for their stunning red cliffs. Many beaches are perfect for diving, so venture out and discover what the seabed has waiting for you. Discover 150 kilometers of beautiful white sand beaches and lagoons with picturesque fishing villages just there. Here you will find other beaches such as Mbour, Sarene Pointe and Mbodiène.

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