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From Gorée you can sight Dakar. This island is a milestone in the history of this country. On Gorée Island you relive the past as it was a crossing point of slavery. Today, it is a symbol of what has become the past and has earned a World Heritage Classification.

The passage between Dakar and Gorée Island is almost like a trip back in time. Venture out and discover what the past awaits for you. The story you will learn is the African slaves’ one. Before moving to America it was on this island that they were made prisoners, before crossing to America. When the boat arrived, they were boarded and then travelled to the tragic fate that awaited them. But, fortunately, this is a story of the past and the island is preserved today only for the memory of those days. Gorée is about two miles long and in 1978 earned the classification of World Heritage by UNESCO. Today the island’s water is like paradise, you’ll find some bars, many vendors and very inexpensive shops that are daily visited by tourists who disembark there. Wander through streets and discover the story of who lives there. Note the contrast between the small houses that belonged to the slaves and the elegant mansions of the merchants. Visit also Gorée Castle, the beach and the three museums that are located there.

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