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With Romanesque and Arab influences, the cuisine of the Algarve region contrasts between the fresh flavors of the sea and the most intense of the mountains and countryside. The regional desserts such as the famous Don Rodrigo, the “queijos de figo” - sweet fig cheese, almond liqueur and numerous fruits of the region, such as locust bean, complete the menu.

The cuisine is a highlight in the Algarve. Among the restaurants by the sea and the most hidden in the mountains of Monchique and Caldeirão, there are plenty to choose from. In the city of Faro, the offer is wide. Overlooking the Ria Formosa, in Nascente da Praia de Faro Avenue, the restaurant Camané serves regional specialties prepared with fresh fish and seafood. Moving to the city center, at Alportel Street you will find Taska de Comeres Algarvios, a cozy restaurant that invests in uncommon local recipes. In the refined Mesa dos Mouros, with a terrace facing the Cathedral, the choice may be a “cataplana” accompanied with the one of the fine wines a la carte. The picturesque Tasca Rasca, in Largo do Pé da Cruz, is as small as typical and cozy restaurant. Their specialties have been recognized in several festivals. Finally, we suggest a different experience, combining the food with a spectacular landscape it is the Estaminé restaurant. Because it is located in Deserta Island, accessible only by boat, but the half hour trip is outweighed by an excellent cuisine in a comfortable space made of wood and glass.

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