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Do not leave Lisbon without tasting coffees and pastries that the city has to offer. Besides the famous Pastel de Belém – a single recipe, only found in one place - treat yourself to the various delicacies and espresso coffee where some of the most important figures of the Portuguese culture spent their days.

The Marquess of Pombal wanted Lisbon to become French in some ways, and it was this idea that led the coffee shops to become privileged meeting points in the 18th and 19th centuries. The tradition has been lost in time, and even though drinking a lot of coffee today is still a habit, they do not spend much time in coffee shops as in other days. Lisbon's most emblematic coffee shops are places mainly visited by tourists. The oldest of the capital has already 218 years and was one of the mandatory stops for the poet Fernando Pessoa. The Martinho da Arcada started off selling ice cream and soft drinks, tea and then toasts roasted on charcoal. Known for its coffee - and also a favorite place of Pessoa - is the Brasileira, who started as a kind of grocery store where coffee was offered, until it became a meeting place of artists and revolutionaries. To try these sweet delicacies of the olden days, you cannot miss the Confeitaria Nacional, which still keeps the secret recipe of the famous Bolo Rei (King cake). Secret is also the recipe for the Pastel de Belém, which is said to be the same as the monks of the monastery used in the early 19th century.

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