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On a visit to Lisbon, the Oceanário (Lisbon Oceanarium) is a mandatory place to take the kids. Also the eldest often get amazed with what they find there. Perhaps that is the reason that has made the oceanarium the most visited cultural site in Portugal, with about one million people that pass through their collection every year.

Designed by the American architect Peter Chermayeff, the Oceanário was inaugurated in 1998 for the Expo with the theme "The Oceans, a Heritage for the Future". Since then, the largest oceanarium in Europe is visited by schools, families and many tourists, teaching everyone about the oceans and their inhabitants, the marine species environment and alerts to the challenges for preservation. A central gigantic aquarium represents four distinct habitats (Antarctic, Tropical Indian, Pacific and North Atlantic) with a fauna that includes everything, from schools of sardines to sharks. There are also four smaller tanks where the visitor will travel through five continents and be in contact with different realities. Kids and adults will find a vast collection of marine species, including birds, mammals and fish, a total of more than 16 000 animals and 450 species of plants. If you have time you can discover in the oceanarium’s programs the secrets kept by these species, children and families are the target public. You can also arrange a private visit outside the public visiting hours.

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