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Porto Santo

Stunning nature, a quiet beach and lots of fun make the Island of Porto Santo an ideal destination for those looking to move away from the hustle and bustle of cities and enjoy the sun, sea and landscape.

Peace of mind seems to be the most appropriate when talking about Porto Santo. Despite the many leisure options, there is no stress capable of spoiling this vacation. Far from the tourist floods, it is an island to discover calmly walking along the “veredas” (paths), afternoons under the sun or boating. With a history deeply connected to the Discoveries, Porto Santo has many vivid memories of those days, so there is a heritage worth visiting. And for those who prefer more animated programs, there are many places where the fun begins soon after sunset. The atmosphere could not be more inviting, with temperatures averaging 19 degrees in winter and 23 degrees in summer the island can be visited throughout the year and the average temperatures of sea water (between 17 and 23 degrees) allow many days on the beach, even in the winter months. The pleasant climate and the small number of hills can help walking and cycling for almost the entire year. There are buses that go around the island, as well as taxi and rental car companies.