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With the bay next door calling for us, I invite you to enter the sea. Leaving a single piece of beach towel and coconut water on the sun bed and let ourselves be embraced with nature over the sea, with more than 50 kilometers of coastline in the area of Salvador.

Salvador is a region almost perfect for those who want to practice sports. The large number of shipwrecks in the Bay of All Saints makes it one of the most sought areas by diving sport practitioners in Brazil. For those who have never experienced this, Bahia Scuba prepares the curious to be able to dive (www.bahiascuba.com.br) and organizes trips to one of 12 dive sites. Most of them are located in the vicinity of the Bar Lighthouse, an area with a rich marine life. Another area that attracts many people is coral formations in the area of Itapoã.For those who always carry a surfboard on his back, the good waves from the beaches of Flamengo, Stella Maris, Piata and Armação are meeting places for surfers. And the Ponto da Barra is a favorite place for kite surfing and windsurf.It is also worth a trip out to sea, to a place called the Costa das Baleias, situated in the further south of Bahia. Already in the Atlantic Ocean lies the largest and most diverse collection of coral reefs in the South Atlantic, in the Abrolhos Marine National Park. During July to November the Humpback whales are found here.

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Luanda Rio de Janeiro Warsaw Dakar