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Turin suffered a great shift in 2006. Chosen as the host city of the Olympic Winter Games, Turin received modern sports facilities and its systems of public transportation and hotels were renewed and modernized. Six years later, the capital of the Piedmont region (one of the most important Italian regions) is a destination worth discovering for many reasons. Firstly because of its beautiful natural surroundings overlooking the Italian Alps and of the constant presence of the river Po, the longest river in Italy. Secondly, because it holds the memories of the years when Turin was Italy’s capital, with astonishing baroque façades and squares that turn it into quite an elegant city.

The major attraction in Turin is the Mole Antonelliana, 548 feet high, built in 1859 and with an impressive panoramic elevator that allows for unforgettable views. In the same building, but far from causing dizziness, there’s the National Cinema Museum in Turin