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Indigenous Manaus

The city is named after the Manaós indigenous tribe and means “Mother of the Gods”, and it is undoubtedly a land of blessed splendour.

The natural surroundings induce us into a state of contemplation where you can hear the sounds of frogs croaking on Victoria amazónica water lilies, the largest species of water lily in the world. The native flora and fauna are an asset to be preserved in this very special place, with large nature reserves like Mindu Park, Sumaúma State Park, Ponte dos Bilhares Park and the Adolpho Ducke Botanical Garden, which is the largest botanical garden in the world.

The urban structure is one of wide cultural intermixing where museums such as the Museu do Índio (Museum of the Indian), Museu do Homem do Norte (Museum of the Northern Man) and the Museu de Ciências Naturais da Amazónia (Amazonia Natural Sciences Museum) offer a glimpse into the culture of the first peoples of the region, the indigenous people and their relationship with nature.

It is a place that heightens the traveller’s awareness of the natural wealth surrounding the beautiful city ofManaus.

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