TAP Portugal  


Brasilia was born from a project designed by Lúcio Costa in 1956, then being designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Born to be the headquarters of the government. Nature contrasts with the amazing cosmopolitan buildings, all in a balanced account that appeals to visitors. Of course, being the seat of political power, it knows how to welcome tourists with splendor.

One of the bluest skies you can find, gardens and parks where the green almost seems stolen from a painting and a stunning sunset. So is the capital of Brazil. In Brasilia, the air we breathe is practically unpolluted. The approximately 2.5 million inhabitants of this city have known how to take care of it. And they also knew how to preserve it for today’s visitors, so they’d be fascinated by all the cosmopolitan buildings, and not only. Brasilia prides for its architectural beauty - with the Metropolitan Cathedral, or Dom Bosco Sanctuary, for example - that have earned the award of World Cultural Heritage in 1987. Alongside its important political facilities (here is the Alvorada Palace, or the official residence of the President of Brazil, Dilma Roussef), there are many churches and monuments that you won’t want to miss. And mentioning Brazil, one also has to mention of one of the most enviable climates in the world. Here, temperatures along the year are around 21 degrees, but the maximum can reach 29.7 ° C in September. Since the minimum can fall up to 12.5 ° C in July