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African fauna and flora are the major attractions in the dense vegetation of the parks and also the swamps in the Dakar area. Visit Hann Park and leave with a renewed ecological culture. 80 hectares of forest and wisdom.

In a country such as Senegal, with vast plains and that functions almost like a transition zone between the Sahara desert and equatorial forest, it seems that that there is still much to explore. Therefore, in Dakar discover parks with dense vegetation, where you can learn more about the fauna and flora of Africa. But do not forget to request help from a local guide, because in these type situations it is always of great support. One of the most visited parks is the Hann Park (Parc Forestier of Hann). This is a natural reserve with about 80 acres of forest and swamp. It’s great for the curious and also for families with children. Why so? Because there you’ll find the Senegal Zoo, that of course is worth a visit! It is always a fun and educative tour. Another of the most visited parks, a little further from the sea, in the interior, is the Sine Saloum Delta. Here you’ll find a forest of 180 thousand hectares, rich in wildlife, particularly birds, such as flamingos and pelicans.