TAP Portugal  


Maputo has found peace and tourists are beginning to discover an African city strongly marked by European influences, although the scent, the colors and flavors reveal Africa in its highest splendor.

In Maputo life is still calm, so it is an ideal destination to escape the bustle of big cities and forget the day-to-day stress. Tourism is still in evolution, but the Mozambican capital already offers excellent conditions for enjoying a spot where the beach and the mountains are very close.A stroll along the wide avenues filled with tropical trees is a good starting point to discover the city where the African and European influences mingle in a pleasant cocktail for the senses. The proximity of the sea is an invitation for afternoons on the beach, conversations on the terraces or strolling along the Marginal.The architecture of colonial influence is a good way to learn a little about history of this country and find many traces of the Portuguese rule, which is still very present.The climate is tropical, so the rainy season lasts from December to April, it is still a good time to travel, since the lowest temperatures are around 20 degrees. Between May and November the weather is drier and the heat more intense. It is essential to have the recommended vaccinations for tropical areas, provided in the traveler's appointment, which also provides other information concerning the care with water or with the mosquitoes. Before or during trip you can find more information on www.mitur.gov.mz or www.turismomocambique.co.mz.