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They call it the Pearl of the South. Those who never visited may doubt it, but those who did, understand why. After all, there's nothing easier than letting yourself be enchanted by the charms of Marrakesh, by its endless streets, its people, the sunset behind the Atlas mountain range and the orange juice at the mythical Djemaa el Fna square.

With just under one million habitants, Marrakesh stopped being the capital of Morocco to become the diva of the Maghreb country. Located on the foot of the imposing Atlas Mountains, with the desert right by its site, the city is "painted" in pastel tones. It is important to say straight away that calmly driving a car or a motorbike through the city is practically impossible. However, it is interesting to get to the central area of Marrakesh, the Djemaa el Fna square and to understand -- or not to understand -- how this organised chaos works: in three lanes, one can see five rows of cars, motorbikes, taxis and bicycles. Djemaa el Fna is the buzzing core of the city with very few boring moments. But entering the heart of Marrakesh is an experience not to be missed, mainly in the souk area, where everything is sold and bargained, with a lot of patience.Marrakesh also has a more modern side to it, that of luxury, mansions and casinos. After all, as well as its residents, we can find backpackers, actors and even politicians. As a curiosity, this was the British former Prime Minister Winston Churchill's favourite city.