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Sun, sea, smiles and nightlife. Natal is paradise during the day and a dream at night. Who doesn't want to know about a city that has only one season: Summer. Without the rain that is depressive or cloudy days, Natal is sunny 365 days a year. Beaches, dunes and historical monuments define the city founded by the Portuguese.

Natural beauty, hospitable people, sunshine during 365 days in the year and an enviable tranquillity. Natal, capital of Rio Grande do Norte, founded by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century and later also colonized by the French and Dutch, is now also known as the City of the Sun. Beaches, dunes, heat and nightlife epitomizes the best this city has to offer. What more can you ask for? The average annual temperature is around 28 degrees, so do not forget the sunscreen. Even so, do not panic. A constant breeze makes the days very pleasant. Enjoying the warmth of the beach or having fun in the dunes are some of the options. But Natal is not just a city to be belly-up. Besides its beautiful beaches with white sands, blue sea, palm trees and natural pools created by coral reefs, the region has many historical monuments such as the Forte dos Reis Magos, which gave the city its name, or the Câmara Cascudo Museum, dedicated to one of the greatest scholars of Brazilian culture. Tourism is one of their biggest bets and so the entire Avenida Marginal (Coastal Highway) concentrates numerous hotels, guesthouses, bars and restaurants. Make haste and enjoy everything this paradise has to offer.