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Suddenly, in a flash you are in the heart of the city. Why? Because Oslo is a capital that seems to have been built in the center of an immense park of green landscapes. Marked by the history of the Vikings, its past is told in numerous museums and more, shows its origins in the numerous fjords lying nearby.

Located by the sea on the east coast of Norway, Oslo is a city that knows how to receive visitors. The capital of this country is surrounded by forests, lakes and islands full of magnificent scenery. A boat trip through the fjords is a mandatory experience for anyone who is in town. Large entries of sea around high mountains soaked in legends and history. There is no greater beauty than these natural landscapes. Oslo has always functioned as an important trading centre and port, due to its coastal location. Founded in 1048 by King Harald Hardrade of Norway from 1046 to 1066, the city prospered and was elevated to the Norwegian capital in 1299. In the city centre are the most important monuments like the Royal Palace, National Art Gallery and the Munch Museum. Around the city center breathes a rural atmosphere, partly due to the woods and land trails used by residents for walking and even the skiing. The climate is mild in Oslo, due to the Gulf Current. If you visit the city in summer, no sun for more than 19 hours per day, and temperatures can range from 11 to 22 degrees. In the winter, the temperature range of seven to two degrees Celsius. If your passion is the snow visit the city between November and March