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Morna and Funaná are warm music notes that characterize Cape Verde. In the city of Praia the traditions live daily with the cosmopolitan metropolis that became capital of the country. From the extent coastline of beaches and mountains it also offers cultural events and hot nights with music and dance.

The largest city in Cape Verde is an idyllic destination for those who enjoy the beach, tradition and fun. The city of Praia is the capital and is located south of the island of Santiago. It was founded in 1615 and began to occupy a plateau near the beach. This was indeed that Plateau (as is now called) that guaranteed the safety of the people. Although it maintains most conservative features of the time the settlement began. Praia, the capital of the archipelago, has been modernized and is today a cosmopolitan metropolis. Therefore hosts various cultural events such as exhibitions, concerts and shows. Its variety of landscapes, which offers green mountains and tropical areas as well as a vast coastline of beaches, makes this a mandatory visit. Besides an important trading port, allowing coffee, sugar cane and tropical fruit exportation, thrives on its fishing industry. Who talks of Cape Verde has to mention its warm tunes and delicious cuisine. Cachupa, lobsters, corn and sweet potatoes proven to be mouth watering delicacies. The climate is tropical and the annual average temperature around 25 degrees