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The historical and cultural heritage (monuments, museums and theaters), inheritance from the Portuguese and Dutch and street carnival, one of the liveliest in Brazil, make Recife a unique city and at the same time plural. on the cultural map of the state capital of Pernambuco visiting Olinda is mandatory.

There are innumerable constructions of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, a legacy from the passage of Portuguese and Dutch colonizers. In the Neighborhood of Recife, also known as Recife Antigo you can enjoy the centuries-old buildings of great architectural value such as the Golden Chapel, whose name is justified by the amount the gold woodwork covering the walls, altars and ceilings. The Basilica and Convent Our Lady of Carmo, the Cathedral the São Pedro of Clérigos and Kahal Zur Israel Synagogue (the first one built on American soil) are also worth a visit. In this area you can also visit the Homem do Norte Museum (Northeastern Man), the City Museum and the Ricardo Brennand Institute, also known as São João Castle, which combines the mythological and bizarre sculptures of artist Francisco Brennand. Do not miss Olinda, a World Heritage City. On your up’s and down’s along the streets and alleys see the first Mamulengo Museum of Latin American, old houses and many century old churches. Highest point of culture is the street carnival of Recife, one of the liveliest and best in Brazil. About two million “foliões” (partygoers) who never rest at dancing the rhythms of Frevo and the dance movement’s of the maracatu groups.