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New York

Setting of various films that went across the world, New York is a city where you have to be and to see with your eyes to believe: to believe in its dimensions, with huge buildings and avenues, to believing in their agitation, continuously 24 hours a day, and believe in the fantastic cultural offering that allows visitors to see amazing performances alive and in full colour. But if you think a simple trip will allow you to discover the entire city, think again. Because everything is huge and you need to plan very well each day, because it will definitely take you more than five minutes to get anywhere.

Discovering New York is for many, the dream trip of a lifetime, and for a good reason: the "city that never sleeps," has a unique rhythm in the world and lives in the imagination of those who have seen it on television or in photos, by the size of their buildings, streets and of their charismatic environment. The “Big Apple” as it is also known, is in the State of New York being the most populous U.S. city and second largest city in America. Comprising five districts - Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island - New York in 2009 had an estimated population of 8.3 million and land area of 790 km2. Because time is short, and roaming along each block takes quite a while, decide where you want to start. The choice is not easy: the famous Times Square, the cultural Broadway, past the "wealthy" Wall Street, the bustling Chinatown and the fashionable Fifth Avenue, plan your day so you won’t get lost in the huge avenues. After these long walks, relax in the amazing Central Park. Another fascinating feature of the city is its cultural diversity. In 2005, there were 170 languages spoken in the streets, and about 36% of the population was born outside the country.