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Sao Paulo

Feast and Brazil are almost synonymous words in Sao Paulo. Despite being known as the concrete jungle, for its tall buildings and lots of construction, São Paulo is a city with much history and stories to tell: that is the most populous city in Brazil and is full of pleasant surprises.

The streets are packed with people, traffic is chaotic, public transport do not have room for one more person, but the good mood and relaxed spirit of São Paulo is always present. To get a real idea of the size of the state of Sao Paulo just say that it is composed of 645 municipalities and covers an area of 248 209.426km2, which is higher, for example, than the United Kingdom. Only in Sao Paulo (1 522.986 km2) live more than 11 million people, so no wonder that it is the sixth largest in the world, only exceeded by Shanghai, Mumbai, Karachi, Delhi and Istanbul. Although not the capital of the country, however occupied by Brasilia, Sao Paulo is the largest center for business, culture, entertainment and cuisine in Latin America. The batch of offerings is enormous and, guaranteed, there is much to learn. Walking in Paulista Avenue is an unforgettable experience and enjoying the lively night in Vila Madalena. The more adventurous can climb to Pico do Jaragua, with a view over the city. In Ibirapuera Park, the most important city, breathe the fresh air and escape from the hustle and bustle of this great metropolis.