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Warm and welcoming people, just as its weather. In summer, temperatures invite us for a swim along the coastline which is filled with beaches. Walk around the Medina area and learn more about the Muslim religion.

Founded by the French in 1857, it is the largest city and the capital of Senegal. Dakar, situated in the peninsula of Cape Verde, has approximately two million inhabitants and its name has gained even greater international projection thanks to the legendary off-road race (Paris-Dakar) that, after a heroic quest through the desert ended in apotheosis on the sands of this city. Senegal is a country with more than 300 kilometers of beaches, sun, water sports, handicrafts and very friendly people. Dakar reflects to perfection this characteristic; its inhabitants are known as people that know how to welcome the visitors. They call it the country of Teranga because it unites various ethnic groups. In Dakar the atmosphere is warm and genuinely relaxing. Beach and sun are keywords, but there's more. Visit the Medina area, the Palace of Congress or the various markets where they sell mysterious plants that as if by magic heal all illnesses! Magicians are also the wild rivers and islands that exist only here and can be discovered in several tours. As for the climate, if you visit the city between November and May, temperatures are around 25 degrees. From June to October, the weather is humid, with some rain. August and September are the hottest months (average 28/29 degrees) and this is the time of the year when the sea water also heats up.