Booking Extra Seats

Travel with an additional seat for carrying bulky items and more comfort.


How to book an extra seat

Passengers may request an additional seat for greater comfort. This seat must be requested when booking and with the same fare, fuel tax and service charge applied to the passenger. 

Extra seats may also serve to transport fragile or bulky luggage, musical instruments or diplomatic luggage.

In the event of dealing with cabin luggage or large items, the number of extra seats made available by the airline company will depend on the volume/weight of the luggage and it is the Operational Controller that indicates how many extra seats have to be booked.

Extra seats cannot be located next to emergency exits.


If a passenger is travelling on a round trip and only uses the extra seat on one segment, then the lowest available fare plus the fuel tax and service charge to such one way segment applies.

Situations in which passengers for physical reasons require the seat in front on which to rest a leg, consult medical cases area or contact TAP or your travel agent.