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Fortaleza is a city full of history and whose interest is not exhausted on the beaches and dunes that gave it fame as a tourist destination. On its coat of arms, in Latin, you can read Fortitudine, a word that in Portuguese means strength, value and courage. So this is just how this city is, the capital of Ceará, in the morning, afternoon or evening.

An unforgettable sunset is one of the wonders that Fortaleza has to offer half a million tourists who visit every year. Dunes, cliffs and beaches turn the capital of Ceará State into a fabulous setting for a vacation and relaxation. There are about 25 kilometres of urban coast, with a very inviting sun. But life in Fortaleza goes far beyond the heat of the morning and afternoon. It is known as having the busiest Monday evening in the world. Take a trip through the bars of Rua das Tabajaras and take time to memorize where there are theatres, cinemas and museums for you to visit when dawn breaks. A must-see is also a visit the Teatro José de Alencar, with its beautiful art nouveau façade. The name "Fortaleza" (Fortress) was born from the existence of a military construction - the Fort Schoonenborch - a symbol of power and resistance. On the beaches of Fortaleza will feel like an authentic King/Queen. You can even ask for a massage by the sea. The entire coastline is marked by a tropical climate. As it is located below the equator, it has temperatures ranging between 25 and 28 degrees. The existence of rain there is extremely rare.