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Traditional commerce is the main offering in Funchal. In the typical shops you can buy souvenirs and traditional sweet delicacies. At the “Mercado dos Lavradores” - Market, the option is healthier. There you will find everything from fruit, vegetables and green vegetables. If you prefer, you can also choose to go to the most commercial areas of the city.

A Bolo de Mel (Honey cake), Bolo do Caco for the trip, or Fennel sweets are the tastiest shopping gifts you buy in Funchal. You can buy them in Kiosks in the street, specialty shops, or smaller shopping malls such as the "Cathedral" one. In a historic city such as this, choose to go to the traditional commerce, buy a traditional costume as a souvenir, or the typical souvenirs such as wicker baskets or embroidery. Near the Mercado dos Lavradores, where you can buy fruit, vegetables and flowers, is the "Bazar do Povo" a warehouse with wooden floors and stairs. But if you still don’t want to miss a trip to the mall, do not sit and hang. In the recent years here have happened changes, unavoidable to escape the modern infrastructures, so every brand chain stores are available in town. And with an advantage, often with prices that are more affordable. The shopping malls are open between 10am and 22pm, but on the week-ends, they close later. Among the latest built, are Dolce Vita in down town and close to the Marina, Madeira Shopping, Santa Quitéria, the Marina Mall, and Forum Madeira, in Lido. Close by you will find the exclusive shop owned by Cristiano Ronaldo,"CR7" brand,that attracts many tourists to the city that witnessed the birth of this soccer star.

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