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"With or without emotion?" This is the question that should be answered before each adventure. Radical Buggy rides, almost in free-fall, or skibunda or aerobunda are some of the most sought after sports in Natal. Venture out! And you'll want to repeat it again and again!

Have you ever heard of skibunda? Well, in Natal this is a well known sport. And it couldn't be simpler. Sit in one of the available chairs and slide down the large dunes that Natal has to offer. But, if you like this idea, venture to an even more challenging one. Instead of having a chair to slide in the sand, the chair is attached to cables, in the air, ending the trip with a delicious dip. The aerobunda is the most popular activity on the beaches of Natal, but whoever goes there, also takes a wild buggy ride, the most exciting and radical way to get to know the region. This city with 800,000 inhabitants and over 2 million tourists a year, is already known as the Buggy Capital of the World. But wait, do not venture out alone. The bugueiros (buggy drivers) - professional motorists accredited by the State Department of Tourism to conduct these tours - always start the trip with one essential question: "With or without emotion?" If you choose the first option, be prepared for an abyss of white sand, lots of adrenalin and fun. If you prefer calmer rides, you can opt for an unusual ride on a camel. The thrill is smaller, but the experience is also fantastic. From the top of the animal you can see magnificent scenery. For those whose sport is more among the heights, how about flying a microlight? Here you have an idea of the extensive Natal coastline and the beauty of its blue sea.

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Fortaleza Recife Rio de Janeiro Stockholm